To all of our Family, Friends and Valued Supportes.
It is with much sadness and embarrassment that we announce this yearsPeggy Sue's All-American Curise has once again been cancled. We want to thank Platinum Chevrolet and the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce for your efforts in trying to take on this huge task. We greatly appreciate what you did. We want to thank each and everyone that has stepped up and once again given their time to help see that this years event would continue. We know the time and effort it takes to put on this event year after year. Thank you for the many, many phone calls and messages you have recently sent in our support. We are so very proud of what we have accomplished over the past 12 years and most of all the friendships and dedication we have gained. Thank You! There are going to be some small one day car shows coming up that have contacted us and said that they will be doing things for Rich's Cancer Fund . We hope that you will go out and suport these shows. If you have already registered for the June 2015 Peggy Sue's, the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerece has your registration checks and will be returning them with a letter in a timley manner. If you have any questions please contact Janet Rogers at 707-545-1414. Todd Barnes at Platinum Chevrolet has said that he will match any donations up to $10,000. You can make your TAX FREE donation to the New Vision Foundation at the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. Many of you have expressed your concern for Rich with this recent decision and he is OK. We are dissapointed but OK. He will begin his 3 month tests and round 3 of Chemo the 1st and 2nd of April. Again Thank You Everyone. Rich and Peggy



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